What do I need to start learning to drive?

If you want to get a full UK driving licence, (unless you are able to exchange an existing full EU licence under the EU’s reciprocal licensing arrangements),  you will first have to have a UK provisional licence, then pass a theory and practical test to prove your basic competence to drive.  Before you can start lessons, you will need to wait until you have received your provisional licence, which is in 2 parts, a card part and a paper part. You will also need both parts of your licence when you sit the theory and practical driving test, although you can start lessons before you apply for either the theory or practical test.

If I want to complain, how do I do it?

If you believe you have any reason to complain about the conduct of any driving instructor, or the driving school they are associated with, your first step is to read the driving school’s Terms and Conditions and complain to the driving school directly. A phone call might be enough to put things right for you, but if not, or if your complaint is particularly serious, you should write to the owner of the driving school at the address on their website, giving full details of the issue you are complaining about and what it is you want to put the matter right.

How often should I have my driving lessons?

Continuity of driving lessons is important and Acclaim recommends that you have between 2 and 4 hours per week. You will also progress much quicker if you have two hour lessons each time

Will there be others in the car during my lesson?

The answer is simply No to this question as we will only provide one-to-one tuition and believe that having others in the car will cause distractions. We know that some other schools use a “piggy back service” which involves dropping off the previous client. We promise this will never happen during your time with us.

When should I apply for my test?

Your instructor will always keep you informed of your progress and at the end of each lesson he/she will give you a verbal report on what you have covered and what is planned for the next lesson. We promise that when you are ready for your test we won’t keep you a moment too long.

What is Pass Plus and how can I benefit from it, also when can I do it?

When you pass your driving test, you will be guided by the examiner to talk with your Instructor about the Pass Plus scheme. Pass Plus can help you save up to 40% off your car insurance. Pass Plus is an intensive course around six to eight hours, designed to help you become a better and safer driver.  Some of the modules covered are motorway driving and driving on rural roads.  You will be awarded a Certificate which can be used for your insurance.

I’m really nervous about my first driving lesson – help?!

Try not to worry! We know that learning to drive can be scary, but it’s also great fun. All of us were learners once upon a time, and we’ve all gone on to pass our tests and be confident drivers. Our instructors are always happy to talk over any worries or fears you may have, and encourage you with every part of your learning. You learn to drive at a pace that’s right for you, and we won’t teach you the more advanced things until you’re 100% happy with the basics.

Where do I take my test and how do I book it?

Your Driving Instructor will advise you of your nearest test centre. However you will find information on booking both your theory and practical tests.

What if I forget to brake? Will I crash?

Don’t worry. Our cars come fully fitted with dual controls: so your driving instructor will be able to control the brakes and clutch should you encounter any problems.

My last driving school wouldn’t let me drive in the rain, or in the dark. Is that the same with all schools?

No. It’s important to drive in conditions that you are comfortable in, and we would never take you on a lesson in the dark or in bad weather if we felt you weren’t ready. But it’s important to learn to drive whether dark or light, good weather or bad. After all, you don’t want to pass your test then only drive if it’s sunny outside, do you?

Who are the instructors that will teach me?

All our Instructors are qualified Driving Instructors and hold a Green Badge which is displayed in the car.  In order to become a qualified Driving Instructor each one must pass 3 exams which comprise of a theory test including hazard perception, an extended driving test and a test on instructional ability.

How long will it take me to learn to drive?

Unfortunately that’s not really something we can answer on here. How long it will take you depends on a lot of things: how often you have driving lessons, how long you learn for at a time, your natural driving ability and your confidence, to name but a few. Once you’ve had a few lessons with our instructor, they’ll be able to give you a clearer idea of how long it may take you to learn.